I'm Jenny Roe

Jenny Roe

About me

I'm a results-driven leader with a progressive track record of technical and managerial successes with complex pharmacy management systems. I have a passion for fast-paced environments, hard work and quick thinking which has been the foundation driving my life and career to the next level.

Over 10 years in the community pharmacy industry with a focus on efficiency, ease of use, and programs to support a superior customer experience, I have driven results to a better bottom line for my company and our customers.

My team provides value by driving community pharmacies to achieve higher gross profits through high quality pharmacy management software and customer service. I have had measurable success improving the health care provided at pharmacies by identifying key performance indicators that should be monitored and improved.

My experiences in programming combined with my MBA gives me a competitive advantage when solving customers' business problems with technology.

Some of my side projects include working with a Shreveport daycare (Busy Bees), a local tattoo artist (John Bentrup) and a Shreveport home owners association.

What I've done this far

PioneerRx Pharmacy System

PioneerRx Pharmacy System
VP of Customer Service

My team of over 130 people handles all aspects of customer service. I created multiple customer service strategies to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. As a top executive, I have made significant changes internally to find low performers and coach their weak points while rewarding the high performers.

Pelican Roe

Pelican Roe

I co-founded a kids' clothing line aimed at high quality shirts for parents looking for a clean classic look. This company was a new adventure in creativity and marketing.

The Crafty Geeks

The Crafty Geeks

TCG is a side hustle mostly focused around weddings accessories and vinyl signs. This adventure allowed for a wide range of experience with marketing, seo, design and the needs of running a small business.

LA Tech

Louisiana Tech University
Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Information Assurance

Earning my MBA propelled me into a leader's mindset. This program showed me how to motivate people while earning their respect. Being able to identify key performance indicators and how to change them has helped me become a successful executive.

Twin City Roller Derby

Twin City Roller Derby Team
Founding member

I started a women's roller derby team in the Shreveport Bossier area that promotes women's athleticism and community support as a recognized 501(c) 3 nonprofit charity organization.


Louisiana State University Shreveport
Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Science

I achieved my undergraduate degree while working 2 part time jobs. I joined the Association of Information Technology Professionals where I became Vice President then President. I received multi scholarships and awards including Computer Science Student of the year.


Stood up for First Amendment Rights
ACLU case

As a sophomore in high school, I worked with the ACLU to stand up for our first amendment rights and won. This case is referenced in several books including The Silencing of Student Voices and Rights of Students

Experiences that shaped me

'Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.' -- Steve Jobs

What inspires you?

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